Would guys accept me if I have stretchmarks and skin conditions?

obviously yes because I've dated before and I currently have a bf

but sometime I feel that he doesn't find me attractive cause he always compliments someones body/legs. then he tells me guys like them(girls) cause they have smooth nice legs and everything...

id just be sitting there giving him the look lol

i have stretchmarks pretty much everywhere! butt, inner thigh, boob, side of my hip/tummy (side of that area)

and then a skin condition from my ankles to butt. and on my upper arms. there's no treatment to it! it has to grow out :(


i feel like people are lying to me to make me feel better :( they always say they can't even see it! just like they can't see my freckles! it took my boyfriend a year to find out I got freckles! :o are people just blinddd?!


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  • I quite don't understand why you get affected. You can't be perfect.

    • i don't care about them! its just I wonder if he rather look at other girls than me because of it! but why ask if he already does right? :(

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    • That's not me really. I would not spend the rest of my life with a girl who's bad at sex, you'd think I would like to masturbate more than having actual sex? Neah, that won't do! And no, not all the guys are the same but most of them are and barely you will find the right guy. World isn't pink as you might think it was :P Don't be sad.. you asked for my opinion, after all right? And of course, you can improve sex, I never said that.

    • I had once a girl who NEVER sexually satisfied me and I decided to broke up with her even though she started to care about me and love me but that's the way it goes, why to cheat on her and make her suffer rather than just invoke a reason to break up with her, any reason so you won't make her feel bad. I don't hurt girls in any circumstances. It hurts more when you cheat rather than invoking a reason as to why to break up with her.

  • stretchmarks are no problem...not sure about the skin condition...like freckles...what is this skin condition...does it have a name?

    • "keratosis pilaris" its like pimples! you can pop em! and it comes back lol ;(

    • I did a little quick research...I am sorry that you have this condition...must not be an easy cross for you to bear...I think some guys would be OK with this and some would not.. I think that I would probably be able to adjust...my whole thing would be whether or not looking at would make me want to scratch my own skin! Make any sense? I am neutral regarding stretchmarks..usually find freckles attractive...

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