Is it possible for a guy to date me even though we've already had sex?

At first this guy and I just were hooking up and I had no feelings. But after I had to go this party (I had to bring a date so I brought this guy) I started to really have deeper feelings for him. We talked a lot and I felt like we really connected, but I just do not know what to do becasue I could us having a relationship. Help!


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  • I don't see why not. You can have a relationship after sex. Unless he is not into you. But my current relationship started out with a sexual hookup, then turned into the best relationship I have ever had.

    HONESTY is key to everything.tell him the truth.


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  • talk to him and see if he have the same feelings for you , everything are possible .


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  • To be honest, and I am not trying to say this to hurt you, but, If you've already had sex with him, he's already gotten your goods and there would be no reason for him to stay with you even if you ARE a great person. Men like to have that anticipation, that interest building up before they get sex and that's been eliminated from the equation.

    I wouldn't rule anything out because if he felt somewhat connected to you too, he might be interested in what you want BUT I will say, don't be too upset if he doesn't want that anymore, I know from a bunch of girl friends I have that once a man gets sex they kind of wonder:

    A. How many other man you've done that with too

    B. If he can just keep sleeping with you without committing

    C. If that's just what you do and you don't really ever want a relationship.

    I hope that helps, if all else fails, there are plenty of brilliant men waiting for you. Just don't give it up next time until you're sure you don't want him for anything else. :)