Trying to find wifey. Have a few options. Should I pursue either of these women? Both? Neither?

Newly single, mutual breakup with my ex about a month or so ago. I have no interest in going back.

I have grown pretty tired of the dating apps. I'm 34, I know what I want. A family and kids, and I don't want to waste my time with women who aren't looking for that in the next few years.

During this time, I have started talking to a lot of women but 2 women are at the top of my list.

One I dated briefly in college, but I was too inexperienced at the time to have a girlfriend. We have stayed in touch though, and now we are both single. We have always got along really well, and recently we have been talking on the phone for 4 hours at a time. She lives in Vegas, me Missouri, but I work remote so I wouldn't be opposed to moving if it worked out. I'm going to visit her once she gets vaccinated, and stay for a week or so. I have made it clear I would want to date her, and she also seems open to it. She has joked to mutual friends that maybe she should just marry me and start having kids lol. But then she also worries she is too old 34 to start having a family now. And I for sure want someone I can have kids with.

2nd woman. I met online. I was planning on traveling to brazil before the pandemic, and was looking for women to spend time with down there. As expected a lot just wanted a green card and it was obvious. But I found a few who were actually interested in me. And one that is honestly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. If I had to describe my type it would be her. We text a lot but haven't actually had a phone convo. I know she is real, but I think maybe her English isn't as good talking as typing and she is nervous. Corona has made it difficult for me to visit her. But her job is sending her to New York in September, and I could meet her up there. But that is a ways away still. She is 29 and wants all the same things as me. I like her want my next to be my last. But we still have not met in person so I'm staying realistic about that.

Should I pursue either?
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I should also mention. 34, no kids, 1 dog, I don't own a house, but I have a good amount in savings, and looking to buy a house once I settle on where I will live.

I have a good career, 100k a year in the Midwest, and still room to grow in the near future. I also work remote so I could live anywhere I wanted really. And for the right woman, I would find a way to make it work. Maybe find a place we both wanted to live instead of one moving for the other.

Trying to find wifey. Have a few options. Should I pursue either of these women? Both? Neither?
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