GUYS ONLY PLEASE! Is it okay to ask a guy out if he just got dumped?

There's this guy I really like (and I think he likes me- he acts like it) and he just got dumped by his girlfriend (which I didn't even know existed, which he doesn't seem emotional about *he says he doesn't cry over women*), Would it be okay to ask him out, at least just to hang, maybe not even a date or should I wait a while to see if they get back together?

slight update (I forgot a couple details):

he was with her for "a month and a half" and by the way he was reacting, he said he would get angry with her for the way she was acting but he wasn't sad over losing her.

long story short he ended up liking a friend of mines in the same class (who knew I liked him) and he made a move on her so. that didn't go very well. at least I'm out of that class now lol I still liked him though.too bad.


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  • Depends on how long they were together, and how serious it was.

    He'll probably need time to recover.

    I suggest you stay in contact so you're on his mind, but keep it casual and don't force things unless you want to be his rebound.

    • I think he probably will too.

      I think the best way to describe how I feel about everything is, if he really really REALLY likes me, then he'll ask me when he's ready. I'm not afraid to ask and would do so if he didn't just get dumped but I think out of respect for him I'll back up and let him make the next move.

      He had hinted at wanting to do "something" on a day off but it wasn't big enough of a hint for me to really put myself out there like that, you know,

    • He probably won't need a lot of time to recover from a 6 week relationship, and it sounds like he's hinting towards seeing you.

      You might want to remind him of the "doing something" offer...

      Good luck!

  • wait for a while then make a move on him .

    • Yeahhh that's what I thought also, in case he reconciled with his girl. Thanks!!

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