Why is he being like this? Please help. =)

I'm having a problem with my friend, who I've developed stronger feelings for. I've thought he was into me too because of the way he would act around me (staring, shy, blushing, looking down most of the time, etc). I've asked him to hang out twice and he said yes. But, because of our busy schedules, we haven't hung out. Today, I was talking to him on IM. I asked if he wanted to do lunch Fri and he didn't answer until a little while later apologizing and saying he was doing something. So we talked for a little while and then I asked again if he wanted to do something perhaps over Thanksgiving break. and he never answered! He set his status to 'Away'.

Does his non-responsiveness mean he doesn't want to hang out with me?

Please help.

Thank you!


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  • Wally summarized it very well, the only other thing I could add is that he might need some time to think about what's going on. He might not know what to do in this situation so he is trying to figure out what's going to happen, how he's going to handle things, ect.

  • maybe he don't feel the same for you and he's afraid to hurt you or he's toooo shy .


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