Am I being difficult with this guy from the dating app?

So I’ve been off the dating apps since the end of last yr. I have my profile on hidden, only matches are able to reach me. Recently, this rando sent a follow up message last month. He asked to message on Snapchat because he didn’t check the app often. I add him, there were times where he’d take hours to reply. He justified that he works in fire safety and does not have time to reply often in the day. Sometimes he’d take an hr, sometimes he’d take 8. I had enough and just removed him as a friend on SC. Within an hr, he msgs me on the dating app saying that he was trying to message me to ask if I’d like to meet up. That day was his day off and would have time to speak properly. He tried justifying his delayed replies and asked if we could text instead because that’s the quickest way to get hold of him. I think last week he tried adding me on SC again. I asked what he wanted & he wanted to see if we could pick up where we left off. I blocked him and that’s the end of that. I just met such flaky and weird guys on the dating apps, I have no expectations. More bad than good has happened & that’s why my account is on pause. I trust my gut for moving forward.
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Am I being difficult with this guy from the dating app?
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