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Guys, Should I stop talking to him?

This guy and I are talking but we do not flirt or talk dirty towards each other. We both are in a relationship. He mentions that he’s got a girl and I mention the same that I got a boyfriend. He says he doesn’t mind us talking, but can’t hangout bc his girlfriend. Then he says that he doesn’t have female friends and he barely has time for his friends. I said then what’s the point of having female friends he said he doesn’t. But then still says he’s ok with us being friends. I just don’t get it. How will we ever be “friends” if we don’t hangout it will only be a texting thing. He’ll always respond to my texts as well. Should I just stop talking to him? I mean why is he texting me back if he can’t hangout bc of his girl and says he has a girl. Is it to keep me around as a back up? Or just casually wants to text bc he’s bored. I even told him that I don’t mind being friends and we aren’t having sex he agreed. So then why bother to text me back when I keep texting him and asking questions.
Guys, Should I stop talking to him?
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