Do women usually experience this with dating?

I just don’t understand how I fail to attract a man that I want. I know I’m only 26 but am 100% certain that I’ll end up alone. I know I’m not beautiful but should be able to attract a decent man. I’ve been on and off the dating apps for years with no success, here’s my luck: 1) the attractive guys are just flighty/want sex, 2) the decent looking guys that have a decent personality are just too short for my preference and 3) the ones with the good personalities are just not attractive. Why can’t I find a guy that’s tall, decent looking and not a dick? I mean I’m not morbidly obese, I’m thick but I thought there’s guys who dig that. Even a little slimmer, men did not talk to me. I lost a lot of weight 3 years ago assuming that would result in more attention From the opposite sex and it hasn’t. Is this common or is there just something terribly wrong with me? I don’t feel the urge to have casual sex, I don’t really care for sex much at all. I don’t even masturbate, the only guy that I ever “dated” was just not attractive and I was so angry that I couldn’t get better. I’m glad that ended, I know my worth. I’d rather be alone then settle and be miserable, I live by that.
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1 y
For those that read and assume I’m fat, here’s a link to photos
1 y
Anyone saying I’m thick, I hope you’re actually looking at the photos. Not just quoting me
Do women usually experience this with dating?
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