GUYS at what age did you date the most?

At what age do you remember yourself dating the most and what age do you remember not dating for a while?


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  • From 0-20 I had no dates

    21 I have been on about 4 dates.

    • In what time period at 21?

      4 dates in say 4 months for example?...

    • 4 dates in about the span of two weeks

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  • mmmm I don't really care

    I dated someone 3 years older than me and a girl 2 years younger. the point I think I don't really care as long as I have fun with her

    im 18 btw

  • I've been not dating for a while since 1991

    • and how old are you?

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    • oh, loool ? You should just ask a girl out dude instead of trying to find answers on this site then, I'm sure there's someone you like.

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