Should I keep dating this guy or tell him goodbye?

I know it's up to me in the end, but I found myself in that ugly grey zone between dating exclusively and being in a relationship. I've been dating this dude for some two months and a half. We really get along together, and he asked me to be exclusive and if he should call me his girlfriend. At that time (a month ago) I told him I still wanted to get to know him better before making it official. He got a bit sad but we kept dating. He also said he didn't want to screw things up with me. Now (almost three months of dating) I feel like our connection grew and really caught feelings for him. So after an amazing afternoon/night date together (which he initiated) where we laughed, played co op games, coocked and generally had a wonderful time cuddling etc., I brought up the "so is the official thing still up from last time we discussed it?". He asked me if I was sure and that he thought I didn't want to make it official. He also said he doesn't know. And... he changed subject. After driving me home he texted me saying he had a wonderful time with me and we went on texting as usual. Today he also initiated convo. So... guys what should I do now? Bring up the subject again? Wait for him to do so? Give him an ultimatum as I don't like this grey zone thing?
Should I keep dating this guy or tell him goodbye?
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