Am I doing anything that deters guys from asking me out or making a move?

Hello everyone! Just wanted to get some hopefully objective/honest feedback on this issue I’ve been having for, like, my whole life lol.

I am a female in my early-mid twenties but I have had very little to no dating experience. I’ve never had a real relationship, but not for lack of trying. I don’t think my looks are a problem, but I have attached a picture for reference just in case I’m delusional (please excuse my quarantine hair).

I like my personality and work really hard to always be my best version of myself, but maybe there’s something I’m missing or doing unconsciously that puts guys off? I used to be extremely shy and quiet when I was younger, and was misunderstood a lot for that, so I worked really hard to be more approachable and approach others first. I don’t think that’s an issue anymore because now people don’t believe me when I say I still feel shy/socially anxious inside sometimes lolol. I smile and laugh really easily, and believe I am generally well-liked. I’m often told that I’m extremely likeable/lovable, make people feel instantly comfortable, brighten up every room, etc.

That being said, I’m not really sure how true any of this is. Sometimes people just say things to be nice, and also from what people say, I should be having LINES of potential suitors but... I very rarely get asked out.

I like being single, and am very happy with myself, but would really like to have a loving SO one day so this can be very frustrating sometimes. I am a bit weird and very individualistic, so maybe that’s a factor? I don’t think I act the way people expect me to based on how I look. I also hate games and am pretty straightforward. If I like someone, I really show it (even though it hurts my pride and terrifies me). Maybe it’s because guys my age aren’t really looking for much commitment?

If you actually read all this thank you so much HAHA and please give your honest feedback, it would be much appreciated !
Am I doing anything that deters guys from asking me out or making a move?
Am I doing anything that deters guys from asking me out or making a move?
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