I don't want to be a rebound, advice?

There is a guy that's interested in me well so he says... But I came out of a 8 year relationship then had a rebout relationship that lasted 7 months and that really f***ed me up! I only been truly single for 5 months and now there's a guy that is interested but I am actually really freaked about getting involved with anyone I think its a stupid idea but he says he will treat me good and make things better but I don't wanna do to him what I had done to me I don't want another rebound thing going on and people all over getting hurt

any advice ?/ feel free to tell me to stop moaning lol


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  • Stop moaning ;) Lol but ermmm if he is as good as he says and is as interested and would treat you right as he says, Surely he will wait until you feel the time is right for you. If he doesn't wait he's not the one for you. Need more hints or should I wait ? xD

  • that's the same situation that my best friend is in now, she was engaged a month ago then she broke it off because she couldn't trust him and I told her that I knew it was going to last. She told me that she will take a break from dating for 3 weeks to a month, now I think she's falling for me because of the way she's acting around me and its freaking me out because it's been along time since a girl as had feelings for me. All I'm going to do right now is just be friends because we are already close friends and if its not her then it won't be a big deal, but if it is her then I will tell her how I feel about her. I have liked her for three years now.


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