Should I text this guy back? And is he just being casual?

I just met a guy on Saturday and had a nice conversation. He asked for my number. We are both the same age (42) so I was surprised when his first contact was via text a few days later asking how my weekend was (as I believed we both came from an era where people CALLED one another). We shared a few texts that night - and then he didn't reply (until the next day to a text I sent him only 5 minutes after he last texted me that night). While I certainly understand someone having to do something, you should not just ignore a person's text. In the text (that was ignored) I inadvertently misread his text to me, thinking he was (jokingly) rubbing it in that he lived by the beach when he was saying something else. So I then replied that I would be coming to his area as I liked the beach (its where we met after all) and I named several places (in his area) that I liked to go to (to which my sister then said it probably sounded like I was fishing for a date - which I absolute was not). Anyway, a full 24 hours later he texted me back and said something like "Let me know the next time you're down here and we'll meet." I'm sorry, but I was somewhat offended. HELLO? PICK UP THE PHONE AND ASK ME OUT IF YOU'RE INTERESTED!

Anyway, I don't know what to make of all this. Is he just being "casual"? Should I assume he's not really that interested as he has only texted and not called? I thought we had chemistry and a nice conversation the night we met. I understand being "casual" but at least make an effort.

SO ... should I "text" back? And if so, what should I say?



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  • I think you are making WAY more out of this than you need to. First of all most guys hate to talk on the phone. It is probably a relief to like 80% of the male population that this thing called texting now exists. If you were attracted to the guy and wanted him to invite you out then why wouldn't your comment be a ploy for a date. That's how I read it and I think there's no shame in your game! But relax. You are not going to get a second date if you blow every little thing into a neurotic clue as to his intentions. Text him back and tell him you'd LOVE to see him and just have fun and get to know each other. And my advise is don't even mention your feelings about the texting unless you are actually dating and it is still an issue. Good Luck!

    • I def need to relax but I got so burned by my last ex that I vowed Id keep my eyes opened this time. I'm old enough to remember when men *called* you. This guy seemed to like me & we met well-enough in advance of the this weekend *and* he didn't have his children so he couldve asked me out but all we did was exchange a few meaningless texts. Every book says the man must initiate the date. HE has to come to YOU. So I can't go down his way. It will give the wrong impression. So I guess I just wait?

    • It sucks doesn't it!? Well I am firmly in the camp that says don't chase a guy. If he wants you he will stop at nothing to get you...but a lot of guys disagree. However you choose to put yourself "out there" do it with class and self respect. What ever that means to you!