What makes guys so scared to date a younger girl?

Okay so I am wondering what makes guys so scared to date a younger girl. I'm 19 at the moment, and will be 20 in January. I work full time in a law office, and go to school full time. The only reason I'm living at home is because I don't trust anyone enough to move in with them. I don't party. I don't really go out that often. When I'm not working/studying/working out, I like to just kick back. No one I meet ever believes I'm 19. I'm attract and am attracted too older men ( Anywhere from 25-30), but my age always seems to get in the way.


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  • Just turned 25 so here's my take on it. I think partially its the social stigma, but I don't put a whole lot of stock into that argument. I think its that the likelihood of a 20 year old to have the maturity and knowledge to be in a relationship with an older man is very small, so perhaps many men write it off as a risk not worth taking. For example I worked with a few 19 year olds at my old job and all they talked about were twilight and teenie bopper stuff, which kept me interested for about 5 minutes. It boils down to the individual. if I met a mature younger woman that could hold a conversation and act perhaps older than her peers I may be interested. Hope this helps :)


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  • I have never known an older guy to be scared to date a younger woman, because it seems the norm, and the norm that women date older men, so if your patient enough, I am sure your talents will be recognised and many men will be trying to pick you up for dinner and a dance, your talents won't go un noticed, x

  • There is a very strong social stigma attached to men who date younger women, there is no male version of the cougar, guys like that are just considered creeps. Furthermore the average 19 year old and 29 year old have very little in common on average, they may like the movies an music and stuff like that, but peoples outlook on life tends to change quite a bit in the first decade they are out of high school.

    • Ah, yeah.

      I hate to say that everything you're saying is the truth and I know that. lol

      I guess I just don't understand why they can't just give me a chance.

      But like you said, it looks bad. So I guess I just need to keep waiting till I'm actually 25+.

  • First of all... I'm not 25+ hahaha

    Secondly we have 2 BIG FEARS...

    1) We'll be judged (self explainatory)

    2) She'll stick like glue (look above)

    • Lol, that's okay. Thanks for the imput!

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