Should I kiss her?! And what are the signs I should?

So I know this girl likes me and I'm going over to her house(first date since we met at a party about a week ago) she invited me over to see a movie cause the original plan was to go see the movie theater but I got bootleg copy of the hangover part 2 so we are going to be watching it her house (she recommended it she said oh to save money) so I know she likes me, actually she told me she did. and I want to know if I should kiss her? Also how and when should I? Any sure fire ways to know she wants me to kiss her? Help the date is tomorrow.


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  • Its too soon, you would get slapped in the face lol.

    • well I know she likes alot. She pretty much sent me a friendrequest on fb within 30 min of me leaving the party. And while talking to her. About this movie gettogetger. I did mention "hey isn't this considered a date?" she agreed it was..sooo yeah. She's moving fast herself. So idk.

    • First date doesn't always guarantee you a kiss. And also a movie is not actually considered a "date" in the romantic world because both persons will be focused on the movie itself. but hey if she says its a date, then its a date. Good luck trying to get to know her or try to kiss her, while the movie is playing.

    • The movie thing was her idea. I normally stay away from movies on first date. But yeah. She knows me threw mutual friends. So she knows I'm at least decent. But yeah.

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  • If you have a droid phone, download the app "How To Kiss"

    It'll answer all your questions lol


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  • Why don't you ask her, 'do you want to kiss me'. Make it smooth and I think a lot of girls would think that hot. But what would I know

    I'm just God

    • well aparently her friend is now joining in.. I don't know which friend or the gender or whatever. So yeah my question was pretty much answered for me.

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