Have you dated someone who tempts you to join him/her getting stoned?

Have you ever dated anyone who likes to get high?

offers you to stoned too?

What happened afterwards? are you still together?

or how much did drugs contribute to the breakup?

I'm very curious because I really like this guy who seems to be very nice and cool and has a good personality etc.. but I found out he is really into weed and he always offers me to try some on our dates? is it too risky to have another date with him? I know myself, I will get addicted if I touch it too often.


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  • i smoke and see nothing wrong with it... and I've never had a girl leave me for it. that being said if he is ASKING you to join I wouldn't see it as a problem but if it becomes harrassment then I would leave because he shouldn't pressure you into something you wanna do. only you can chosse whether or not its a big enough factor to leave him but do to my personal biase id say no. and would suggest that you research it and try it once so you know what it is that you have a problem with. again personal choice I'm just promoting wise decisions =P lol


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  • My boyfriend used to smoke weed everyday of his life, a classic stoner. I'm not sure what I had seen in him at first. One day I asked him, why do you smoke weed? What's the draw for you? - his answer was, he didn't know anymore. So , I asked him why he still bothers with it ? He said its just what he knows.

    eventually, it got in the way of things. and because I didn't like him when he was high. So I made him choose ... either me, or the weed.

    he actually smiled at me and he put his joint down, and told me he was waiting for that. Although he still smokes it on ocassion - usually around his old friends, he won't around me. And I'm fine with that ...

    moral of the story, a stoner now, isn't a stoner for life. there's a reason why he's into it, maybe you might be his pull out. I wouldn't give into smoking weed with him though, you don't want to get pulled down into that. talk to him. If he has any respect for you, he won't ask again.

  • Well...pressuring isn't cool no matter what we're talking about.

    So ask him to stop offering if you're not into it.

    But have you ever smoked before?

    You will not get addicted. I don't even think you CAN get addicted to pot.

    Anways, don't let it get in the way if he stops pressuring you.

    Pot is NOT a big deal at all.

    Shit. He is probably so cool all the time because he smokes!

    (People who smoke tend to be more relaxed and open minded ..from my experience with people)

    You shouldn't let it get in the way.

    • Only have been around pot (second hand) never tried it.

  • you won't get addicted to it, I dated a stoner, we broke up because he was an idiot tho lol

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