Guys: what would be the perfect date?

I want to hang out with this really nice guy. he likes me but I'm not to sure...I just want to be able to talk to him and stuff. What would you like to do?


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  • going fishing with a girl would be a kick as* date. If you or him don't like the outdoors then just doing somthing where you can talk. So not like the movies or a concert.

  • Perfect date, OK but you asked for it.

    I want a girl who will take the lead in the relationship but not in a way which she would be a controlling b**ch about it. The girl initiates the date all her treat, picks me up in her car and we go to a restaurant on the beach side for dinner followed by a bare foot walk on the beach with the stars out. We end the evening in a hotel room a few stories up overlooking the sea listening to the sound of the waves and maybe a bit more.

    Why is this my perfect date, well I don't have to arrange anything or drive. Since she's treating me she'll have to be sensible about the costs especially in regards to the restaurant. There are some girls out there that will order the most expensive $100 a glass, bottles of wine when a guy is paying which erks me. The walk an on beach in the evening under the stars is romantic and relaxing and we could just talk about things. The hotel room overlooking the sea is the icing on the cake which may just end with cuddling whilst listening to the waves or more.

    All in all that's my perfect date, but definately not something for a first date or an early date.


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