Date a co-worker friend?

I have this co-worker. Worked with me only a month. We chatted, became Facebook friends, and 3 days later I worked up the nerve to ask her out. She said going out might be fun. She later emailed me to say she's only looking for friends though right now. She recently broke up with somebody. I told her I understood. We went out and have done numerous different activities now. Bowling, movies, amusement parks etc... On our last outing, we even started talking how fun an out of town trip trip to an amusement/water park might be. Maybe get some friends along. We're actively planning it for two weeks from now.

I like her. I'd like to date her. I just stumbled across her on a dating site I'm a member of. I signed out so I wouldn't show up then viewed it.

The highlights- She's actually 3 years old than me looking for somebody her age or in the 3 year higher range. I'm seriously quite mature for my age though.

The big one though is that it said she was online right then and her profile read that 'following a recent breakup she is actively pursuing starting a serious relationship and is fending off many emails'.

Now during our last outing a topic of conversation came out about religion and how we were raised. I mentioned I lapsed away from it and don't believe anymore. She revealed her ex told her it didn't matter for years then tried forcing her to go to church with him. She resented that and seemed to enjoy that I wasn't that way.

So we're in the middle of becoming friends. We're planning a trip. She's going to be meeting my best friend in a few days to go to movies and see if he wants to come on the trip.

What do I do if she's looking to date somebody now? We've still only been friends for 3 outings. I don't want destroy that but I'd like to maybe go deeper rather than somebody online.


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  • i say go for it, but if you two have a mess break up it'll be awkward to have to see her everyday at work.

    • Well I might not be sticking around. After two years of employment I still haven't got the training to do the jobs I want to do.

      How do I make a move? Don't want to burn a friendship bridge but how can I tell if she's just not interested in me, or if she's sizing me up etc...

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