Dating a guy with kids?

So I'm dating this guy and there is somewhat of an age difference but I really like him and I am slowly falling for him. The problem is he has 2 kids by two different women and he is going through a divorce. He has a girl who is 4 and a boy who is turning 2 June 14th. I don't mind that he has kids I don't want kids at all because I have a fear of giving birth and honestly I'm a little selfish. He really really really loves his son and I think that's good but I don't agree with all the things he does for his son. (I understand it's HIS son but I'm thinking about our relationship in the long term.) He spoils him rotten and is throwing him a huge birthday party and he got upset because his ex wife doesn't want to come and I told him he is only 2 it isn't like he will even remember all this stuff you are doing for him and my boyfriend said well I will. Also whenever the baby cries he picks him up and tries to be nice to him instead of letting the baby cry and "self soothe" and I feel because he is doing this it's going to cause future problems when his son gets older (like him being a spoiled brat) he talks about his son nonstop I understand he loves him and that's good but it gets kinda annoying. And he will say I bought my son this today or I spent $500 on my son but he's worth it. Should I just leave this relationship alone and get out now or keep being with him and see what happens?


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  • Ditch him. You'll do nothing but grow more and more resentful and he'll never accept your opinion of his parenting, because all parents think they are doing it right.

    • omg thank you I love you

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  • how long have you been dating? if you just really don't have a say in this. but as he gets more serious about you, you can talk about parenting ideas why him

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