Happiley ever after after broken best friend?

So there's this guy. He's like, my best friend.

He's been in my college class all year. I use to not like him, kinda thought he was a jerk, cause I didn't really know him.

Well we became closer, and when his ex broke up with him I was there, just like that. I'm always here when he needs to vent, and he said I'm always welcome to throw my emotions on him, and that I'm the last girl on earth who would bug him. We've became like best friends. We use to joke around that we were married.

Now about him: He is, the kindest, most giving, funniest, kindest, nicest, most caring, most accepting, most forgiving, most understanding person I know. Me and him have so much in common including interests, and morals and we always have something to talk about, deep stuff. He's my best friend, and I love him very much and he loves me a lot- as a friend.

The problem.: he's still not over his x, he keeps saying how he loves her still but will never go back to her. But he thinks about her a lot, which I can't blame him, they dated for almost 4 years. Point is, she's a brat, and dated a guy right away after they broke up, and now he's just heart broken and still thinks about her.

I adore this guy, he is just such a good person, and if I could take his pain for him id totally do it as fast as I could.

I usually date around, guy after guy, but I really, this time want to wait for him, just be there for him until he's over her. I just know he's worth it, if you knew him youd be like, "wow, he's a great guy." He never deserved to be broken up with, he treated her like a princess even thought she treated him like crap. Idky and girl would leave HIM. He's kind, giving, sweet, considerate, he has a really good job that pays well, a nice car, dresses really nice, always smells so gooooood, very handsome face and he works out so his muscles are huge but that's not what I care about, his heart is made of pure sweetness. I just don't understand how a girl could leave HIM, id feel privileged. He's the closest thing to perfect.

So my question is: Should I wait for him? He's my best friend, I don't want to be with anyone else.

Have you ever had a best friend you wait for for a long time then ended up dating or do you usually just stay friends?

Thank you so much!


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  • Do you want to be his rebound? I would maybe back off a bit you don't want to seem clingy or desperate. From what you said you idolize this guy it might be best to step back for a moment and consider where your decisions could lead you. You know he's not over his ex so would you want to be in a relationship where he isn't fully committed to it? Wait, maybe keep dating around and just make yourself available to him. Give him time to recover and then swoop him up when he's ready.

    • That sounds good! Yea, I think Ihavebeen texting him too much lately, I've stopped the last couple days. of course he says I never bug him, but he's just super kind. I probably am bugging him.

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