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Why am I never good enough anymore?

my sister is a splitting image of my mom.

she's beautiful, thin and every guy wants her. my mom and her look like models
I wish I was beautiful.. maybe I'd get approached sometimes. but since they are there nobody will approach me, unless he's desperate.. thats the only time men want me. guys my age want her and they want actual beautiful women. you can't say they don't. that's why girls like her and models always have tons of guys after them. you can tell me I'm wrong but I know I'm not. just look at guys social media and what they comment on.

it's the harsh reality. I know I'll never find anyone. my mom and sister always have guys after them even though they are both taken. I have nobody, my mom gets asked out even tho she has a boyfriend. they both are gawked at and I know guys talk to each other when they are seeing them. that's why I have a s3x site account now and I'm just gonna have fun and not worry about it cause guys don't want relationships anymore. my friend literally just broke up with her boyfriend and she's got tons of guys already. my other friend is legit taking to 7 guys it would be HARD to find someone who wasn't interested in them first. it would be awkward bringing a guy around that my friend talked to.
I'm not dating multiple men to find out they are the same. I can't even find one date without going on dating sites. funny how that fucking works right? Why am I never good enough anymore?
Why am I never good enough anymore?
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