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How do I tell her to back off?

I have a friend who is always prying in my new relationship with my boyfriend. I don’t trust her at all because she wanted to be “friends” with my ex and said he was cute and would point out random guys on campus that looked like him which is really weird. She said she would never swipe on him because she saw him on tinder but I feel like she did. With my new relationship I thought it was normal at first but she’ll listen in on all our calls and come in the kitchen. She also knows when him and I FaceTime and ask to hangout to find out details about our call. She dosent know my boyfriend at all because my hometown is four hours away but I’m worried she’ll do something behind my back and add him. She always asks for pics of my boyfriend and I shut her down because I don’t trust her. My boyfriend is hispanic and she told us and her mom at dinner “remember when I had an Hispanic phase. That’s all I would date I was obsessed with them” it pisses me off because I feel like she only wants to find out who my boyfriend is to see if she would be interested. She’s said that twice My boyfriend is also from Sacramento and she was like “I want to go there so bad” when she’s never mentioned that place and we’ve been roommates for two years. she’s talked about coming to visit me this summer but I know it’s only to see my boyfriend because she’s never talked about it before I met him. I really don’t trust her at all and she’s on tinder. We just said goodbye to each other because I’m moving back home and she told me she loved me and wanted to visit my hometown. I still think it’s sketchy because she’s never wanted to visit me before. Is it because I’m moving back home permanently? we’ll never be roommates again. I posted him to finally show him once to shut people up and she said nothing. I hope she dosen’t act desperate and go and try to find him. Why didn’t she say anything? She only knows my bfs first name could she still find him on Snapchat? In the only mutual friend
How do I tell her to back off?
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