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Dating apps just aren’t for me. What are my options?

i hate... strong word, HATE meeting strangers off an app. its just not my thing. i’ve done it a few times with an open mind, great attitude... but still it was just confirmed that it’s not for me. i don’t see myself meeting my person that way. you can argue all you want, but it’s like an intuitive feeling.
i work a 9-5. after work, i guess i can try going to a bar once a week for happy hour. but still, even at a bar alone, it’s very hard. usually people have their people there already. i could also try joining a rock climbing gym, but it’s a lot of money and i’m only half interested in it. i do hike almost every Saturday, and i take the popular path, but still it feels unlikely. i just moved to a new city 9 months ago and still have no friends so i can’t meet people through people. anyways. i hope you can see it just feels hopeless. i feel stuck in this “unknown” like i may really be alone for a while. i may need to move back to where i know people when my lease is up. i don’t know :(
Dating apps just aren’t for me. What are my options?
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