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Should I keep ghosting or go back to him?

I’m going to try to sum this up as much as I can: I met this guy who’s a 2nd year law student on a dating site a couple months ago. He asked me on the first date, went well, I asked him for the second. Things were fine, he’d text me good morning almost every morning and check in throughout the day.

My issue stemmed from the fact that he hasn’t made an effort to see me in about a month but still texts me everyday (except one night a couple weeks ago, during a trip with his close friends, he was drunk and texted me that he wanted me there with him... turned into some dirty talk on both of our ends but we left it at that and didn’t bring up sex again)

Another issue is that when texting each other, I’d feel like I’m the one carrying the conversation. I believe relationships can’t be built on texts alone and honestly I’d rather FaceTime or call. I asked him to call me once, he said he would, but ended up not doing so.

After the second date, I felt like he was kinda pulling away. We’re both going into finals (I’m finishing my bachelor’s). My whole thing is, I get that law school is super busy. I know that especially around this time of the year, there’s not always time to hang out. I already pointed it out once when I felt he was pulling away and he apologized and explained what was going on with school.

I’m not sure why, but at some point last week, I had enough. He was days away from starting his finals and our conversations were turning into small talk sporadically. I just haven’t responded to him at all and it’s been days.

Part of me feels bad “ghosting” just because I know he’s been super stressed school and finals, and maybe I shouldn’t take this personally. The other part of me feels like he’s really not interested (I’ve felt this way for a while, we’re also both still active on the dating site) so it’s better for me to just walk away instead of waiting for him to do so. What do you think I should do?
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Should I keep ghosting or go back to him?
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