How to deal with trust issues in 2021?

I feel like my trust issues just get worse and worse every year and I’m not sure why. I see on social media people getting cheated on and in real life and it just throws me completely off. I just feel like women nowadays always keep their options open and it just rubs me the wrong way. The fact of how good they are at covering their tracks you never know if they’re cheating unless they want you to know. I really hate dating in 2021, there’s no loyalty, everybody materialistic and as guy you’re constantly being compared and held to standards that just aren’t realistic. I’m convinced I’m just a hopeless romantic and It sucks cause I’m not the type to be entertaining multiple people at once but yet almost every woman I’ve ever met has admitted that they have a back up guy in case their main doesn’t work out and I just think that’s so messed up. I don't know I’m ranting here but finding love in 2021 is like tryna find water in the desert. I’ma relatively good looking guy and I have options but I just don’t trust anyone enough to really take that chance. It’s either there for the streets or get bored once I finally let them in
How to deal with trust issues in 2021?
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