Why are men acting like this?

Men are provoked by women dressing half naked? lmao wow I honestly realized that this is why I dont date anymore. haha they can't control it? just saw tons of tik toks today of men approaching 16, 17 year old girls which was disgusting. if you are gonna defend this behavior you are the problem. half of my fyp is of women being assaulted. it's ridiculous, like where's the decent men? oh wait they don't exist one of my biggest fears in dating is ending up with a predator, creep, pedophile...
this scares me so much because it's becoming more common now a days.. I just want someone decent and someone who wouldn't hurt anyone. I don't wanna date someone and end up finding him on a s3x offender registry.. I'm so worried about that.. I don't want a man with a double life.
I was talking to this dude off of tinder, and he was just really disgusting and sexual. and I ended up blocking and unmatching him. then found out he was on the sex offenders list, doing sexual acts on a little girl between age 0-13... this is awful. I want someone whose gonna make sure I am legal before getting to know me and making sure I'm of age. cause guys on whisper and guys online dating are creepy asf that's why I don't use dating apps anymore. Why can't I find a loyal, honest, funny and decent man? It's really hard to find online. I use dating apps cause I'm so nervous to meet and approach guys offline. BUT seems like these guys are offline too. My friends are always harassed by guys, and I don't want a man who the girls think is creepy or predatory. My friends dad is a creep and I don't wanna end up with someone like that. The neighbor girl always says how she has to close her blinds because of him, she's a model.
Girls at work always have boyfriends they breakup and find someone new. But me? I get ignored.

Why does it never happen to me?
Why are men acting like this?
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