How to deal with loneliness?

so I'm a college freshman home for the summer. I've only had one serious relationship that lasted for three years. I broke up with the girl Because she was turning pretty bitter and rude to everyone including me, she also still didn't "feel comfortable" with having sex and she didn't want to have any other kind of sexual intercourse because it was "dirty". basically she was over the top prude and rude and mean. but I've been talking to girls since but I still feel pretty lonely. I would like to date this one girl but she for some reason stopped texting me all of a sudden and she lives like 800 miles away lol. we'll see each other once school resumes in the fall, but how can I combat this feeling of loneliness until then? please no douchy remarks or comments, just helpful hints.



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  • Ignore it. Seriously - just ignore your feelings of loneliness and continue with your life. Get a hobby or whatever. If you wallow in your loneliness, you'll become desperate, and guess what? People don't want to be around desperation, and so your loneliness and desperation perpetuate.

    • thank you. do you have any ideas?

    • For a hobby? If you have one, just dedicate more time to it, and as for recommendations, I can't make one without knowing your interests.

  • online dating

    • im not that desperate haha. I'm only 18 too so ill pass. thanks though

    • thanks for being insulting.

    • i actually didn't mean to be insulting at all, sorry it came across that way. I only meant that I want things to work out with the girl I'm talking to, so there isn't a reason for me to try and date online.