Do you believe that you should never date your friends ex?

Not sure why the memory came to me, but my best friend used to be in a relationship and he introduced me to her, she was a bit of an obsessive type and once they split up she messaged me like crazy, I told him about it to ask him what was happening and he said she used to do it with him, he said she was a really obsessive person and to block her.

Some of the messages she sent me got to the point of her saying she wanted to be with me and such, but this was literally only a week after they broke up so I didn't believe it and I still told her I didn't see her that way and that I think it is unhealthy for me and her to stay in contact based on what happened, she didn't take it well but I couldn't handle the spam messages so I had to block her.

Personally, I think that if my friend ever broke up with anyone again and they were not obsessive but more calm, I still wouldn't try for them because I know it would make things really weird between us and I think that based off that one time situation, it is kind of stressful to push someone away as well when they are acting like that...

I don't know what brought on the memory all of a sudden, I just woke up and did my teeth, looked in the mirror and it came to mind.

How about you, where do you stand on the subject? Do you think it is okay to date a friends ex, have you already? Do you think you should talk it over with your friend and make a plan before considering dating their ex? Do you think you should not date your friends ex?
Yes, you should never get into a relationship with your friends ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend
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Not sure, depends how the friend feels about it I suppose
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No, you are free to date the friends ex as they are no longer with them
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Do you believe that you should never date your friends ex?
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