How do I get back into dating? And get rid of my shyness? Guys!

Well story short I was in a relationship and I though everything was going OK anyways the guy dump me I tried getting back with him I know not the smartest move then I found out he's with this younger girl I'm 16 and he lied blah blah etc the problem is after five months and all I'm okay were (friends ) I give a sh*t about him now he's a lying bastard but I'm OK the thing is I can't get my groove back flirting and stuff well when I'm not shy this guy destroyed my confidence and now I don't know what to do it's driving me crazy ? How can I be more umm flirty?approachable ?Guys I need help please!


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  • Sweetie ya gotta change your mindset! Try to think about what gives you confidence. What makes you fearless? What makes you not care about rejection and encourages you to just get out there and mingle? For every person it's different. Sometimes we lose that motivation or lose faith in that motivation. Think about it and find it :)


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  • If you were in the U.S. Arkansas area I'd tell you to hit me up so we can hang out. I'm pretty shy myself and have a similar problem (3 year relationship, broken up for about 5 months)

  • Dunno, but I feel your pain


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