How to do push-ups?

embarrassing as it is; I can't do a pushup. I can do the girlie ones, but I want to be able to do a full one. and plus I have a p.e assessment on pushups in eight days. how can I train myself to do pushups? I'm not fat btw.. just really weak.


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    they have P.E. for many reasons, gal...

    anyway... I can't really help as much as I could if you don't give us some more info. do you at least have some back, shoulder and arm muscles? if so, then how much?

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  • by the girl ones you mean on your knees and pushing off to make it easy?if you do enough of those then you can work your way to real ones. Or go into the push up position and just hold as long as you can without going down. If you have access to weights then benchpress just the bar.


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  • Try having your arms directly below your shoulders, and bringing your whole body down to the ground and lifting back up.

    Keep trying with girlie ones. Let your legs hang behind you up in the air, crossed at the ankles. Keep the same form as regular pushups when it comes to your upper body. Instead of putting your weight in your legs, put your weight into your arms, and push yourself up and down like a lever.