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Would You Date This Man?

Age: 19 years old
Job: Air Force as an A1C
Hobbies: Video games, likes back to the future, lost boys, joker, and etc. Big into working out. Invests in the stock market regularly makes profit.

Personality: he will call you out on mistakes you'll do. He will also sometimes yell at you for mistakes that you'll do. After you clean up something, he will most like come over to the spot and check it. If it's not good enough, he will tell you did a shitty job and do it again. If you keep failing it, the yelling you get. Will also tell you to shut up when he doesn't want to talk to you. He sometimes gets angry at workers at cafeteria for messing up his order start yelling at them, telling them "they are bad workers" and with yelling "hurry up". He can chill and cool sometimes.

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Would You Date This Man?
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