First date went really well, I think! Opinions and advice going forward appreciated.

I recently had a first date with a really nice girl, the first date in awhile, so I'm a little rusty, but I'm convinced it went well.

Both of us can be a little shy, but we had spoke online and via txt's before hand which helped. We chatted from the moment we met throughout the entire date, no awkward silences, had fun. I normally would bring up suggestions for future dates during the middle of a first date, but I did without even thinking, and she always said, she'd like that, or some variation. Eventually we ended up at here place for a coffee and more talking. Good sign?

After being at hers for a while, I had the opportunity to kiss her, knowing what I'm like ( wait too long and not act when it comes to a goodnight kiss,) I kissed her. I respect her and didn't/don't want to rush, so while we kissed a lot after that, it was never a full blown snog, groping etc.

We ended up taking a walk later, and she initiated holding hands and then walking with arms round each other, which was nice.

We texted while I was on my way home, and for a while when I got home. I told her I'd text her the next day, which I did, and then told her I'd talk to her later, as I knew she had things to do.

She knows I'm on early's and it isn't possible for me to use my phone while at work, so I wasn't expecting a text back if she wasn't free till late that night.

The next day I finished work, did what I had to and then sent a text, saying hi and asking how she was. No reply yet, which is fine, I'm sure she's just busy.

What I am a little worried about is whether or not I should text her tomorrow, or the day after. I don't want to seem to eager, needy etc, I'm quite happy being single and don't need someone, but it would be nice :) Should I wait for her to make the next move?

Oh, one more thing, she asked what network my mobile was on, because she get free calls to the same network, I'm on a different network, which she seemed disappointed at. I can call any network without being charged, so I said she could drop call me or text and I will phone her back. Should I try phoning instead of texting for a more personal touch?

Being out of practice, and interested in getting to know her better, I'd appreciate some opinions on a few parts of the date and advice on how to proceed? Preferable female views but male are welcome too.


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  • Do what feels right. I know you're really excited and hopeful she'll reply back, but she might be a little nervous in doing so.

    Just do those things that make you happy before you met her. Keep your mind off of her. Maybe wait 3 days before calling her. I personally hate texting, as a phone call is so much more intimate. I mean, what did we do before texting? cell phones? email? :D

    Just say exactly what you said at the end of your post. You simply want to get to know her better. You may have moved really fast on the physical part there, but it's always a good test.

    Partners are meant to enhance our lives, not define it. So, don't let her define yours! And it sounds like you understand that!

    Much success on getting to know her better, man!

    • I know it was a long question, thanks for the reply.

      Will see what happens :)