My girlfriend doesn't love me like she used to

me and my ex were together for 4 years then suddenly a guy started talking to her on a video game. they started to get to know each other and soon my girlfriend just started loosing feelings for me and started gaining feelings for the other guy. they later meet up together and now I see pictures of her and her new boyfriend on myspace smiling and kissing.

it is eating me up inside because its only been two weeks since we broke up and she still talks to me.

i even asked her do you think we will ever get back together and she just tells me she doesn't no.

she then tells me do you think he might be a fling or a phase she is going through but then quickly changes it in saying nvm I trust him.

all I want is for her to get out of my mind and I want to move on but what should I do I see her in class every monday and wednesday and I don't no what to do anymore


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  • WOW! That's pretty jacked up bro how old is she? sounds like she doesn't know what the hell she wants! and that is sad you were with her for sooo long that's not gunna be easy to get over but trust me your gunna find a women that will love you to the fullest and to top it off she met him on a video game?! wow! either you weren't giving her what she wanted or she is just coldhearted she obviously doesn't care about your feelings bro...move on run away from her as far as you can do whatever you can to get over it just let her go! how cud you trust her again you'll be alrite man...tht just goes to show you how crooked women are man doesn't matter how long your with them... good luck! look at this as a life lesson...


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  • did she break up with u? or you did when you found out they were going out together?

    because if she did break up,i think you should just create some distance,ignore her myspace,minimize conversations with her,and spend more time with your friends.She would come back if you ignore her.Girls hate to be ignored (am a girl!).It was just a fling she'll come back, otherwise you'll have to get used to the new situation,and try to have a new life.

    good luck

    • Actually we were on a break cause I gave her time to think on what she wanted then someone messages me on myspace saying she has a new boyfriend the next day we broke up

    • That is a bit you didn't even know it from her....hum!!! I think she's been flirting with the guy for some time,before going out with's probably a fling..u know when you meet someone on the internet,it seems surreal and exciting.When reality replaces the platonic love...then comes the pbs.i don't really believe that her new relationship will last,but for the time being just do your thing...pretend to be fine,have fun.Try to avoid her..that's very important!!!!

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  • dude you gotta lose the constant contact with her.if you keep continuing ur usual routine there's no chance in hell ur going to get over she's obviously disregarding you right now so I dun see the relationship continuing anymore.sorry

  • I feel for ya, bro. Four years is a long time. Things, however, always do change and someone new ALWAYS comes around. The next few months will be the toughest for you, emotionally, but once you get through, you'll accept what happened and wish her only the best. Time really does heal all.

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