Poll about online dating?

First: have you made an online dating profile before?

Second: Have you ever meet someone from there is person?

Feel free to leave comments explaining your answers. I would be interested you hear what happened if you answer yes to the second one. Or if you said no, would you ever?

My answers would be A.

I'm not sure if I ever would be comfortable meeting someone in person. I guess after talking to them for a while and in a public place.

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  • @OP

    You should state very early on if you want to chat for a while or not. It's a total minefield for guys when it come to the asking out. Some women want to skip all the pointless boring email chatter and meet up (and say so in their profile) and others, like yourself are nervous and need time.

    So do guys a favour and let them know.


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  • Voted A, for Yes and No.

    No to the first one, sort of. It wasn't an online dating website, but an online game. We didn't intend on meeting and hitting it off, it just happened during the course of meeting each other, and happening to be in the right place in the right time. It's amazing how far we've came, four years going on five years strong, and pretty much infatuated with each other - engaged, too. :)

    Ever had those little pangs of...I think you could call it worry I guess...when you look back at things? Like perhaps if you nearly got crushed a year ago, you think back and say 'wow, I'm lucky to be alive!' With my girlfriend, I almost ignored her and logged out. Might of changed everything, and it's scary to think about. Blah, rambling.

    But anyway, Yes to the second. We met about a year and a half after meeting each other, half a year was spent getting to know each other and the rest was falling in love. :) We met up, and have been meeting up regularly since then, and it's really working.

    I see your fears though, because anyone can lie. If I was younger like the age when I first met her, I would of never met with her anywhere quiet or obscure - in fact, when we first met, I was driven by my Dad straight to her house, as her family and I'm sure her as well, were very cautious about me. I was worried as well, and certainly wouldn't of gone across the country on my own, young or not. Wouldn't of known what they could be like.

    If I had to meet up, it would definitely be within a well lit place which is also public, but not too crowded. I would have some back-up as well, like my Dad or friends nearby but far away, ready to come looking if I don't reappear, and stuff.

    Anyway, Voted A. :)

  • Online dating sucks. Girls don't respond. Or maybe I'm just too unattractive. :|

  • Yes I tried different sites for six years then gave up. Cost me a small fortune.

    Main problem being women just don't bother initiating (just like in real life) or replying.


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