First date with a 40 year old man.....what do I do?

First date, went AWESOME, we both laughed and talked a lot, we were comfortable around each other and walked arm-in-arm by the end of the date. He held my hand while he walked me to my car, he asked to see me again the following day, to which I declined because I had plans already and I suggested we get together for lunch sometime during the following week. He kissed my hand, I said thank you for a wonderful evening and went on my merry way. I texted him to let him know I made it home safe and to thank him again and good night. I got NOTHING!

He basically proposed over sushi, asked me how many kids I wanted like 10 times throughout the night and wanted to know when he could meet my family.

Am I effing clueless? I thought he was into me and am offended that he hasn't responded to my "I got home safe" text or called within the whole 3 day rule time frame. =(

Advice? I'm 27, he's 40...maybe older men are just more relaxed when it comes to the follow up? He texted me all friggin' day for 2 days straight before he finally asked me out. Does not make any sense at all!


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  • He's 40, he hates texting.

    • haahaaa...good point.

      Still, could have called me after the 3 day wait man code expired.

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    • lol, WHATEVER.

      Dating blows.

    • I fully agree.

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  • guys do that. they show interest then back off. for what reasons, I have no idea

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