Does he still want to be together?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 8 months and I didn't tell my mom until 5 months ago because it was a online relationship. We met last October in person even though our anniversary is in September. We never had a first date and everytime I tell him to picks a place he always tells me to do it. he's a libra and I'm a aries ( I don't really do astrology) He doesn't call me but he texts me everyday ( sometimes I have to wait hours for him to respond cause he at work or he sleep). Other times it's like 10 mins or less, sometimes right after I text he'll respond, 20 or 30 mins cause he is at his moms or playing his video games. I have to keep on texting cause he at his moms or playing video games. He doesn't really give me compliments or send me sweet messages like I do him. I told him that I love him more than he loves me and he said that's not true. I told him he's to busy for me and he said no. I'm 21 and he's 23, I don't have my license and he does. He lives like 40 mins away from me and he won't come see me because he said it's too far. We met only like 2 times, we talked about this multiple times. He tries to do better but it's not really working. The last time I can remember seeing each other was January or sometime February. My birthday is in March and he didn't text me at all or call me for my birthday, we ended up breaking up for a week then got back together. He says his problem is lack of affection and that he doesn't really take advice from blogs or quizzes. Valentines day week, he said he was trying to get this stay at home job so he could make his own schedule and see me more. Well he got into a car wreck and the last time we met he said he's working on getting a car and a another apartment. He said he was gonna make me his priority.
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He never met his father and he was raised with all women
Does he still want to be together?
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