Should I hang out with my ex boyfriend after he asked me to?

My boyfriend and I have been broken up over a month, and we've just been back in contact of a couple of days. We get along very well, and the conversations have been going pretty well. He has been starting 95% of the contact. He has been saying that he missed me and wants to get together soon. Today he called and asked if I wanted to run an errand with him, but I said I was busy and couldn't. He called me tonight and asked if I want to visit him where he works tomorrow, and I told him I didn't know if I could because I have some work to get done. He sounded really disappointed and told me it was okay...I didn't have to come by. I do want to get back together, but I don't want to make any mistakes at this point in the process. Should I visit him tomorrow?


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  • nope..that's my honest answer here..i mean why would you go to him?! if he was really into liking you, he is the one to get to your place not the other way around your not his GF..if he initiates contact he should also initiate seeing you also or at least meet half way

    • Thanks for your input! I'm pretty lost on what to do. I've never wanted an ex back, so this is new to me. He has been suggesting getting together for coffee, but where he's working a ton right now we haven't set anything up. He's been trying to see me the past 2 days to run errands or keep him company at work. Our conversations have been easy and fun, so I think it's going well so far. He's been saying he misses me a ton and he's glad to talk to me finally. I'm just not sure how to proceed now.

    • just take it slow..with him if your not ready to take him back or whatever just enjoy your moments with him..he should be the one exerting effort for you so best let him do his part

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