Does this mean this guy wanted to kiss me?

He said to his roommate:

" least one of us got lucky."

Context - I like him, my friend likes his roommate. We where at their place (with 2 other friends) and my friend and his roommate ended up dancing to a slow song and kissed (once), while me and this guy just sat in his room, talked and laughed together. He didn't even sit very close to me.

At the end of the night they discussed it and the guy in question (after hearing that the roommate got a kiss) said that. "Ad least one of us got lucky"

Does this mean this guy wanted to kiss me?

Or does it mean that he just wanted to kiss anyone?

Or could it actually not mean a thing?


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  • You like him

    He obviously likes you, if he spend the whole night with you.

    I actualy don't see the reason WHY YOU DIDNT KISSED?!

    So, why didn't you?

    • Yeah, I like him, and he did spend the whole night with me - in his room -. And I really DON'T KNOW why he didn't kiss me. I think he's shy. He's an outgoing person when we're all together, but when it's only him and me he gets kind of nervous and fidgets a lot. I am shy around him too, we're TOO much alike! He makes sure he leaves space between us when he sits 'next to me'. An entire person can fit in that spot!

      FGS! :8

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    • So do that more offten :) That ear thing :) Joking. I don't know, you HAVE to do something if you really like the guy. Just seat next to him and don't let him escape :)))

    • Haha

      I'll see what I can do. x)

      Thank you for your advice


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