Should I forgive him?

So long story short things got really complicated between me and one of my best guy friends.

So first he found out I don't have the best reputation. I had no idea he knew about my reputation because he went to a different school an hour away. I finally got the guts to tell him I really liked him. he didn't feel the same. the problem I am having is he doesn't want to go to college a virgin and he knows I could help with that.

I don't just sleep with who ever, like I only do that when I have been with a guy for a while. I just feel so used, he has been playing with my emotions to get what he wants. I miss having him as a friend but I am just so mad at him. should I forgive him and move on?


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  • your reputation? what is your reputation bad when you are sitting here telling all of us that you only sleep with guys youve been with for a while...

    in my book that's a good reputation...

    but also I don't judge people from what I hear, I let my own opinions and personal expierences determine someones reputation...i hate people that base things on what they've "heard"...shame on them

    anyways, move on - he's going to college, if you want to take his v-card then ask him if he wants it to be taken by you - I mean you already told him you liked him and he didn't feel the same, so...whats the problem with getting denied another time?

    im not sure he's so convinced he doesn't "like" you...maybe he's unsure - id also suggest taking time away from him, let him see what its like to miss you and then maybe, just maybe he'll realize he does like you and can be a bigger MAN and not listen to what others talk about you

    afterall your "reputation" is how people portray you, your personality is who you are...if people want to be immature and assume everything they hear is correct about a person then screw them (no not literally) but seriously, people need to make their own opinions and stop listening to everyone else

    • He's not interested in her, he's interested in what he can GET from her! Huge difference!

    • i never said he was interested in her and I'm sure he is interested in what he can get...but until she leaves he will never truly know if he has feelings...its easy to tell soemone no when they are always around, true feelings surface w/o the one you truly care about being around...just sayin

    • Lol. You didn't need to say he was interested because that much could be gathered from the info provided. If he's buds with her of course he is! The question is, what exactly is he after?

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  • I'm sorry, what exactly did he get from you? You told him you liked him and he rejected you. There's no "using" there, as he didn't get anything.

    • he doesn't like me but he messes with my head and convinces me to give him hj and stuff so maybe I will take his virginity one day

    • Move on. He knows your reputation, and in his mind you're not girlfriend material. Rather, you're an easy lay - and the handjobs are only reinforcing that. Sever completely. You're probably not going to find any guy around your age until college where you can start fresh.

    • I agree, this guy has no respect for you and is just trying to use you. I would advise you to break off all contact with him forever. Don't even be acquaintances if you can.

  • Forget him. Find someone you like and be careful with your reputation. Most people have a fling sometime or other. You will get over it and find the right guy.


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  • Forgive but don't forget and move on.

  • You say he's one of your best friends? Well apparently he doesn't share that view if he manipulates you. A good friend cares for the well-being if their companion, and this guy is your enemy. You'll end up hurt if you hang with careless people like him. Sorry, but it's best to curb this guy.