HELP! I need some advice?

So, there is this cute 50 year old man I'm really interested in... we have met a year ago and thing is, I'm 17 (turning 18 in less than a month) and just want to get to know him as much as I possibly can before I turn 18 and finally decide to ask him out.

From what I see, he throws subtle signs of interest towards me, but overall, I feel like we are both afraid to do anything because of my age (obviously makes sense) but I've just hid it back and am just waiting on the days to pass so I can finally take it a step further. As of next week, we will see each other again and want to know from an older gentleman's perspective, what should I talk to him about. What are some conversation starters I can use without weirding him out? Since there will be a lot of older men at the event, I want to be as low of this as possible so nobody catches on to him and I conversing and assuming other things. My goal isn't to date him illegally but date him when I am legal. But just to break the ice between us as acquaintances and get closer so I dont ask the guy out and he stares at me blankly stating "we haven't gotten to know each other much yet".
HELP! I need some advice?
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