Should I change how I approach woman?

So I've been tryna get over me fear of approaching girls. Life is to short for me to be to afraid to go talk to a girl. I still need some improvement but approaching isn't nessarly the issue anymore ( unless she's with other people) but my main issues seem to be I keep getting rejected, I started thinking I was ugly even but I've been told I'm fairly attractive so something must be off with my approach. And look I'm pretty straight forward usually I just go up to the girl tell her I saw her and thought she was cute maybe get her name and introduce myself, ask if she's single and if she is ask for her number. I've gotten a few numbers but even then the Intrest is usually like a 5 on a scale from 1-10 maybe lower. And what ends up happening when I text them? It's usually a dry conversation von there part and they usually end up leaving me on delivered or read after a few messages if I get a reply at all. Any tips?
Should I change how I approach woman?
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