Got a girls number when to call?

This girl kept smiling at me in a public place last weekend, so I initiated conversation and after some small talk, asked for her number. She gave it to me, and gave me a hug goodbye. I texted her 2 days later to see how she was doing and suggest the possibility of meeting up this week, but got no reply. I think I will call once now on the 3rd day and if I get no answer or call back; I guess that means stop calling her? Right?


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  • How about this idea. Don't call. Don't over think it. Because, no offense, you sound a little desperate--just a tad. That is a sure way to get a woman running the other way; unless she is a dominatrix. However, I doubt this lady wants a passive man to have her way with. Anyways, just let it flow...and enjoy your life...don't worry about it...ain't nothing but a thang...ya feel me?

    • OK, not contacting her would definitely not seem desperate. If you gave someone your number, what would you expect them to do to properly win you over?

    • I wouldn't want anyone to "win me over" I would want a man to be a man and not play games or over think things--but that's me. You put the ball in her court...its her move. Nothing you can do to control that now. Just wait. That's my suggestion. But in the end, you will probably call her...good luck.

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