Should I text him first?

Just curious on how this works. The guy I'm talking to always texts me first. He said goodmorning to me two days ago, and our convo ended late at night so I was the last to reply.

Then the next day later at night he text me saying hey, and I wrote back but took awhile because I was at work, and again I replied but he never texted back.

Now will he just continue this? I want to text him, but I was the last to reply to him and don't want to come off being clingy. I mean, he's not gonna lose interest in me if I never text him first right?

Also, I was hoping to hang with him this weekend and hint off that I'm free so we could hangout. Now if he doesn't get the hint or is afraid to say something, would it be too much to say "We should hangout?"


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  • The whole should I text, should they, should I wait x days etc just completely confuses the hell out of me. I don't see why showing interest by txting first is such a damn issue.

    Aslong as someone doesn't send multiple txt's every 5 minutes or an hour before getting a reply, then I wouldn't consider them to be needy, clingy etc.

    If you like someone show interest by txting them, don't wait for them to do it first, they might be overthinking the same stupid txting rules that are all over the web aswell.


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  • Games. Be honest and through, with yourself, about what it is that you want? Attention? A relationship? You are distracting yourself. Also, you are replaying things out over and over and over in your head...I am sure of this. That does not help you think clear. If you are to hang out, then you will hang out. Don't play games and just relax and go with the flow...if he wants to play games to boost his ego then move don't need to be "confidence girl"

    I suggest don't text and do something productive...go for a up a life...