Describe a time you were madly in love with someone?

GAG Men! GAG Women! Let's help each other out and describe a time we were madly in love with someone, what characteristics did that person have that helped you like them? How did they behave towards you? What made you stay (if you stayed)? What made things split (if things did split)? Observe other's post to see what things you could consider adopting yourself.

I'll start:
There was this guy in one of my classes. I thought he was ugly. But his personality led me to eventually chasing him (guys who think they're unattractive, this is your cue to take notes).

He was a curious guy and moved to sit next to me which is pretty close (close distance is attractive). We sat very close together on the bus too and eventually one day I was brave enough to lay my head on his shoulder.

He seemed so innocent that when the time came that he cracked one not so innocent joke (about him not being small) it made me a little crazy for him.

He said he would invite me to his place once but never did, which I guess drove me crazier (but don't do this please).

This one time I was upset that he wasn't texting so I blocked. Eventually I completely forgot I had blocked and I kept being nice in person and forgot about it. Later on, I got an email from him saying that he didn't think my phone number was working and I saw that he had sent like 15 messages and I was like "oh he does like me!!" and this led me to chasing which things went downhill short after.. to the point where he asked another girl to prom.

I think I liked him because I have a thing for shy guys, I get jealous easily so I prefer guys who are less pursued but not horrendously ugly. I still like masculine guys so when a shy guy does exhibit masculinity I think it makes me like them even more (this happened when the guy joked). I also get more crazy when a guy who I thought wasn't interested shows signs of interest again (but dont do this).
What are you guys' stories? Who have you loved the most in your lifetime and why?
Describe a time you were madly in love with someone?
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