How long would you stay mad at someone you like, for asking you if you want to hang out, on your way to work?

PRETEND. there's a girl you have liked for a long time, but things were a bit confused between the two of you.

The day you were going to ask a girl out, she came over, but she already had plans & left. Then the girl asked you to hang out a few weeks later, on tour way to work (not to hang out that day but another time) you got mad at her.

Why did you get mad at her?

How long would you stay mad at her?

Would you ever raise it- if so why?


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  • that's a silly reason to get mad. That person should get over themselves and stop being a brat about it.

    • yea. thanks, I wasn't sure if I was overlooking something crucial, but it def seemed over done to me.