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How do you fee about "pet" names,?

So, the lady and I are no longer in the honey moon stage. We don't argue. Well, I don't. I don't even raise my voice. And the last argument she tried to start was over a name. She called me this crazy pet name. That I just didn't care for. And I, asked her not to do that again. Very politely and in a caring voice. She asked me what was wrong with it. I told her I don't like pet name's or labels. She then askes so, like girl friend or boyfriend. I was like yeah. And she asked me what I tell people when they ask who she is. I told her (which is the truth). You are my Queen or my Lady. She blushed when I said that.

But she asked why not pet names. I said because we are not children. And we are not pet's. She understood. But didn't agree. And to prove it, she called me that name again. And I ignored her. And she said that's not fair. You use to call me a pet name when we first met. I said yeah, because that's how you introduced yourself. And it took me 3 months to find out what your real name was. And sje was like. Oh yeah I, for got that. Needless to say, she is going to keep calling me a pet name.

How do you feel about it?
How do you fee about "pet" names,?
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