How do I get him to stop kissing me weirdly?

OK so new guy... just started going out two weeks ago... he kissed me for the first time and OH MY GOSH he stuck his tongue all the way in my mouth... and then from there on out he started sticking his tongue out as if he wanted me to suck on his tongue... I've never had to do this before I think its GROSS... what do I do and how do I stop him from doing it?


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  • ok from a guys point of view, id CERTAINLY want to know that the kissing was bothering you...dont be a bitch about it and be like "um what are you doing...?"

    be silly about it, like "babe I feel like I just went through a car wash, here kiss me like this..."

    that way its funny but you're also showing him how you'd prefer to be kissed...tell him to save the "agressive" kissing for when you two are drunk or soemthing where you won't care as much lol

    just make sure you aren't like omg you kiss so weird because every time he goes to kiss you he'll wonder if he's doing OK which in turn will make it more awkward.

    anyways, I hope this helps...remember he's probably trying to impress you, show him how you like things, but make sure that you don't do it in a way where he's going to try TOO hard

    good luck!

    • lol "don't be a bitch about it" um.. didn't realize I was just because I was asking how to do it vs just all out telling him... "hey quit your sh*t you're freaking me out and turning me off" I do like th car wash comment though.. :) thanks

    • lol..well I didn't say you were being a bitch, just make sure you don't come across as one! lol just be cute or maybe even show him what your perfect kiss feels like :)

    • i agree with this guy. be silly about it:) good idea. :)

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  • Tell him you don't do french kissing.

    • This should have been obvious to the Anonymous Question Asker.

      but did she even try it?

    • It sounds like not only that she never knew it was called that, it sounds like she was unaware it even existed.

    • lol I'm 26 I know what french kissing is.. and this is far from it its like he is tyring to get me to suck on his tongue... EWWW sorry not my kind of gig... french kissing is more of "in the heat of the moment or drunk kissing"

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  • That is just gross!

  • just tell him. I know its a bit direct but hey guys don't always get the hints we send them!

  • If he ever sticks his tongue out again say something like : "haha! what are you doing?! weirdoo :P:P " and like giggle and squint your eyes and back away... nothing speaks better than body language, he'll get the idea.

    • That's bad... it will make him feel really stupid. Not your fault but that's a horrible reaction to what he's doing. He may not know what he's doing or he may even think that's an attractive thing to do. Why would you squint your eyes and back away? I would lose all interest in you if you acted like that to me. Not to sound like a jerk or anything but whoa your suggestion bothered me. : /

    • I agree with Rick. It would seriously hurt the guy's ego if she did that. It would also make her look like she can't handle kissing like a "big kid."

    • Im with Rick on this one...thats a bad idea

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