I like my guy friend? How could I ask him to hang out?

So I really like my friend, he broke up with his girlfriend just a while ago, so I don't want to just ask him out. But he bounces back pretty quick, so I wanted to ask him to hang out with me in a friendly seeming way. The only times I've hung out with him outside of school would be snowboarding but that's not possible right now! Any ideas of where to hang out or what to do?


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  • There are some arcade places that have snowboarding games. There are also some on game consoles.

    You could check out some gear at a sporting goods store with him. Maybe ask the clerk for a snowboarding catalog or if they know which vendors will be in for the winter season.

    Find a place that has a trampoline to rent. Ask the owner if it's okay to strap on your board to practice flips. Have a great evening of it.


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