Why is he so cold in his texts?

My boyfriend used to write me long meaty texts since we started dating almost a month ago. I know it's only a month but he's been pretty distant lately. I have a crazy schedule and it's worse now that finals are coming and we both have two jobs. I hate that he doesn't even bother to at least text me or call to show me that he's thinking about me. any advice?


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  • Alright, is this a LDR? Or do you guys sleep over each others' houses? If he sees you more in person than he does when you first started dating, he feels that is worth more than a text.

    • im sorry, LDR? And I hadn't seen him in person in over a week actually but he said I gave him the butt off remark by saying my finals were coming up so I had less time. I meant less time than usual, NOT that I didn't have any time for him. He said he "didn't even bother" because I was too "busy" and that I would eventually call and ask to hang out!

    • It is frustrating. I didn't want a relationship while going through college because I knew I would want to spend more time with her. My grades were affected but not why I thought they would. Plus getting sex before a test made me more relaxed.

      Perhaps he just realizes how great you are and would like to hang out more. Make the most of the breaks in between semesters to spend time together. :)

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