Guys: How do I get you to like me, not my body?

How can I get a guy to like me and not my body? I'm either friends with a ton of guys or guys just want to hook up. None of them want an actual relationship. It's really frustrating... So how can I get out of the friend category and into the potential girlfriend one without them just wanting to hook up


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  • Any guy who would eventually want a relationship with you will always be sexually attracted to you from the start. Physical attraction is key to getting to the first date. Once you get to the first date, you need to let the guy know either then or on the next date, that you don't believe in sex outside of a relationship. Say it casually and then stick with it. If a guy is really interested in you he will continue to date you and get to know you on a personal level and when he is ready he will ask you to be his girlfriend. If all a guy can see in you is a hookup, he will either pressure you for sex, make fun of you waiting until you are in a relationship or he will stop asking you out. Oh, and he probably won't even try to ask you out for regular dates to begin with.

    So, the point is that you cannot get a guy to change how he sees you, you can only weed out the guys who just want casual sex.


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  • dont show cleavage or anything above the knee and don't dress to sexy. Dress more like you are beautiful but totally not available for casual flings not interested in that. When you put on your makeup emphasize your eyes. The try to engage people intellectually and the ones who like you for you and your body will become apparent because don't do it in a way that draws attention away from your body, just do it in a way that your body isn't to be gotten under any circumstances except genuine wish for a loving relationship.

  • You have to flirt slightly so you get placed in the friend (with potential) zone. Not so much so that they think you want to hook up and not so little so that they just friend you. Complicated, right? It's the same the other way around, I would imagine.

  • Just because a guy wants sex doesn't mean he doesn't care about you. It's how we express our emotions.

  • Liking you but not your body = friend

    Liking your body but not you = hookup

    Liking you and your body = relationship


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